Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The good news and the bad news about Barclays Bank

Well done Barclays. I have just read in the Customer Experience Magazine that the bank has launched a 'large key' keypad with audio for people that find the pesky little keypads difficult to use.

The Barclay's press release reads:

We have long called for improvement as customers complain that the fiddly card readers make it tricky to log on to online accounts.

Now Barclays has created a card reader that’s much easier to use. The buttons are bigger to help those who struggle with dexterity or eyesight to tap in their PIN.

Less fiddly:  Barclays has created an extra large talking card reader that's much easier to use
Less fiddly:  Barclays has created an extra large talking card reader that’s much easier to use
There’s an extra-large screen and a loudspeaker reads out the authentication codes you need to make online payments.

People who want privacy while banking online can use headphones with the device.

That's all terrific stuff. Maybe the wording describing who the new keypad is aimed at (elderly and disabled customers) was not that tactful, or indeed accurate, but let's forgive that for the moment

What cannot be forgiven is that it is impossible to find any details of the reader when you go to the Barclays web site. Even when you go the section, describing the Eagles service (helping those with problems using computer) there is nothing about the device.

You might say, well that is just an oversight. Indeed it is, but a daft oversight. Why go to all the cost and effort of sourcing the reader, then promoting in the media but not ensuring the company's own web site says what it is and how it can be sourced.

This is typical silo thinking. Kim Walker and I spent a long time discussing the subject in Marketing to the Ageing Consumer. Looks to me like somebody at Barclays should buy a copy. Dick Stroud

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