Thursday, July 27, 2017

55, unemployed and faking normal: A brilliant insight into the alternative reality of Boomers

For as long as I can remember I have been pleading with marketers to understand the complex reality of the older age segment - in particular the financial fragility of so many people in this age cohort.

Go to any ageing business conference and you will be inundated with the sugar coated stereotype of older people. Lots of walking hand in hand on the beach and living a nice comfortable life. This description of older people is reinforced by the daily ranting of the intergenerational 'fairness' pressure groups with their messages of resentment to the young about all the goodies being enjoyed by their parents.

As much as you tell people 'it aint like that' they keep serving up this false reality. Politicians and the media, who seem incapable of understanding that like any group of people, older ones have a wide range of wealth and income. Unlike the young, the chances of older people changing their financial position diminishing by the day. This is a far to complex message for those that want to condense the characteristics of a generation into a soundbite.

Elizabeth White might be the person to inject a huge dose of reality into this situation.

Look at the video, read her web site, follow her on Facebook and buy her book. 

The story that Elizabeth tells is not about the woes of a small sub-group of her age group. I cannot tell you the exact percentage that are in her position but it is significant and will increase in size for future age cohorts.

Don't dismiss her situation as 'an American' problem. Her situation is exactly the same in the UK and throughout much of Europe.

Elizabeth, I wish you well. Dick Stroud

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Lorraine Currelley said...

Dick Stroud, thanks, for sharing your wonderful, encouraging and supportive message. Elizabeth White is taking her message(our message) across the country. She has lit a light sparking awareness, and serving notice on the traditional mythology about age, aging and our practices. I knew the moment I viewed her videos she gets it. She has thrown open the closet of shame, and secrecy. We are not alone. Fifty-Five, Unemployed, and Faking It, a must read.