Thursday, July 13, 2017

Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey. Be prepared to be underwhelmed

Point your browser at this link and you can download the The Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey 2017: Successful Retirement - Healthy Aging and Financial Security.

If the copy on the home page for this study is anything to go by then you might be underwhelmed.

'The survey finds that workers who are in excellent or good health have a more positive outlook about their future retirement compared with those in fair or poor health' 
Now that is a revelation, who would have thought that?

The report highlights a disconnect between the concerns people have about their health in older age and their current health-related behaviors.
Now that is a revelation, who would have thought that?

The survey also finds that improvements in how workers are financially preparing for retirement are slow. 
Now that is a revelation, who would have thought that?

And so it goes on and on to reach this monumental conclusion

An enjoyable retirement requires careful financial planning as well as the maintenance of good health. The main conclusion of this report is that financial planning and staying healthy lead to a greater probability of achieving retirement readiness. Individuals, employers, the retirement industry, and governments, all have a role to play in promoting healthy aging and long-term financial security.

I wonder what mental age the copywriter was pitching to with these revelations? I wonder how much money Aegon spent on doing the research and promoting the results? What I do know is that it hasn't added much to the sum of knowledge about the ageing business. If it is a consolation, it did make me smile. Dick Stroud

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