Monday, July 17, 2017

Working (and spending) longer - the Japanese way

For those of you with a WSJ subscription, this article is about how Japan is leading the way in keeping staff in the workplace for longer. Well worth reading.

If you don't have access then watch the video and look at the chart, showing the percentage of 65+ in the workforce. I think it gives you the storyline.

What it doesn't say is that if the workplace must be capable of supporting older workers it has to adapt to their changing physiological state. A nice way of saying it has to cope with poor eyesight, hearing loss, limits to body strength and flexibility plus a host more things.

There is a strange and useful symmetry about making the workplace suitable for older workers and ensuring they are also able to spend their money by buying your products. There is no magic about how this done (well a little bit). Have a look here and all is explained. Dick Stroud

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