Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cera is adding the magic of technology to the business of providing premier home care services

The home care market is something of a battle zone. Local authorities are only willing to pay rock bottom prices for carers which results in horrible staff turnover levels. This article from the Guardian gives you a feel of how bad it can get. This report gives you some idea of the range of problems facing those receiving and those delivering care in the home.

I am sure there are lots of really good people working in the business but there are lots who are not the sorts you want looking after your aged mum and dad.

A care supplier called Cera has generated a lot of media coverage about it investments in an app that provide a decision support system - I think it also has a touch of AI mixed in as well. TechCrunch covered the story a while back.

If the company is as good at getting customers as it is as getting advisors then it is doing really well. They must need a big table when they all get together.

Undoubtedly, the tech magic is good for generating content and comment but it will not be the reason why Cera will succeed and achieve a position at the premier end of the care market. No doubt it will charge premier hourly rates and you might get access to an app but it is the dependability and skills of the people walking through your parent's front door that will determine if it succeeds or not.

The company has a good web site and has clearly attracted a lot of big name backers. Do have a look at the video - I think it reveals the type of target customer  - not somebody relying on the state for their care needs!

Now what it must do is deliver the care quality. An app would be great but is of secondary importance. Somehow I suspect the founders of the company understand that.

I am sure the company will do deals with Babylon and Uber as a demonstration of combining care and technology (a good idea) but these services are only as good as the quality of the doctors behind the screen and the driver behind the wheel.

I notice that there are some NHS Trusts using the service. I would love to know how that is funded and for how long.

Great to see a company trying to establish itself as the thought leader in the care industry, although that is not a difficult task. Dick Stroud

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