Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Google's diversity and equality policy doesn't have much to say about age

You have to smile. Google has been having a hard time in the media because of statement that has been distributing about the limitations of its diversity policy. I have just read the guy who produced the 10 page document has been fired.

I wonder how many people read this document rather than reacting about what they think or have been told it said? Normally I enjoy reading Mark Ritson's thoughts (Marketing Week) but he seems to have fallen into the trap of talking about what he thought was said rather than what appears in the memo.

What the document didn't mention was anything to do with the age diversity within Google. Lots about gender and ethnicity but not a word about age.

Have a look at Google's official diversity blurb. - age seems to have fallen off the end.

Now that the company has appointed a head honcho for diversity perhaps she would like to have a ponder about why it is cares so little about the age diversity of its workforce.

To be honest I don't think it really mattters because what the media storm has shown is that even with the diversity issues that Google holds dear it is making little progress in making change. Surprise, surprise. Dick Stroud

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