Friday, September 15, 2017

Application of VR with older people - a long time coming and still in its infancy

I have been wittering on about the potential of virtual reality and older consumer for the last 2-3 years. The first time I read about the Oculus Rift it was clear that at some stage it, or one of its competitors, would be used to help older people to experience things that their bodies and lack of money had long since stopped them doing.

It is good to see that Intel has picked the idea up (well at least Intel's PR company). I do hope it is something more than an attempt to be 'seen to be doing something' and gets scale.

The other video is an interesting insight into how VR can be used in the travel industry, an obvious application for the technology.

The most recent announcements from Apple suggest that at long last it is waking up to the potential of virtually enhanced reality. I have no doubt that if we fast forward a few years, today's headset design and performance will make us blush when we look at these videos and wonder ' did we rally think this technology was cool'?

At least it is a start. Dick Stroud

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