Saturday, September 30, 2017

Not looking good for the waistlines of Australians. Brits and Americans cannot be complacent.

What do you learn when you study the smartphone results of 68 million days of physical activity for 717,527 people, in 111 countries? A lot.

This web site contains a wealth of data and analysis.

The table shows countries ranked by their 'inequality' of activity. This is a measure of the likelihood of people, within the country, having exercise levels outside the mode.

Why is this a useful measure? Because activity inequality predicts obesity. Individuals in the five countries with highest activity inequality are 196% more likely to be obese than individuals from the 5 countries with lowest activity inequality.

The UK and the US doesn't do very well but nobody is as bad as Australia.

Intersting that China and the Netherlands are in the top ten.

I have also attached a couple of graphs that show the number of daily steps taken by the age of the sample group and their BMI.

I am sure there will lots more global studies done using the data that smartphones are generating by the terabyte.

Dick Stroud

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