Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bet my generation is in worse shape than yours.

You are Millennial and feeling sorry for yourself. There is no shortage of media that will explain to you the gory details of why you are part of the ‘victim generation'.

You are a member of Gen X or a Boomer and feeling sorry for yourself. You to are well provided with reasons why your lot in life is awful.

So what is going on? It makes good headlines to take such a dramatic stance about the lot of zillions of people. Sure, many people in both generations are having a hard time and often for the same reasons. And yes, at some stages one generation is 'doing better' than another, but it would be a good investment to try and remember these words of wisdom - 'trends go on until they stop'.

The one who is the victim today might well be the victor tomorrow. Dick Stroud

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