Sunday, December 31, 2017

Good and bad news for Millennials

It must be nice to know that the 2017 most popular paper accessed on WARC is about your demographic segment. How to market to Millennials

offered five principles for marketing campaigns, including communicating a meaningful purpose for a brand, being authentic, leveraging digital content and social media effectively, rewarding Millennial consumers with access to unique experiences and reflecting a diverse, multicultural society.

Sounds a riveting read.

It must also be nice to know that your demographic age group is all set for a large transfer of wealth from your parents, according to the Resolution Foundation's report, The Million Dollar be-question.

Well the news is not that good. The same report estimates that the most common age at which 20-35 year olds inherit will be 61. Yep, that is three score and one, approximately a decade before they start to collect their old age pension.  Gulp

The other bad news is that the Resolution Foundation's report has not taken due account of the fast escalating, late in life costs, that older people face - primarily healthcare and care and their desire to spend their wealth rather than see it transferred to the government in the form of inheritance tax.

So 2017 ends with mixed news for Millennials.  Dick Stroud

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