Saturday, January 20, 2018

Listening to Zak Dychtwald talking about Young China is brilliant use of 46 mins of your life

When you hear the name Dychtwald you think about the US guru Ken Dychtwald who has been in the ageing business longer than most anybody.

In this video he is not the keynote speaker but the interviewer of his son Zak who has just published a book about Young China

Ken should be a mighty proud dad because I thought his son came over brilliantly. We could all learn from his succinct response to questions (including his father) and if he could drop the comment 'that is a really good question' it would be a flawless performance.

Zak's observations touches on topics that we should all listen to very, very carefully. The section where he talks about the work ethic of the young Chinese must make western millennials think long and hard. I came to the same conclusions about the young Vietnamese. He comments about the level of technology innovation are equally important.

The conversation touches on ageing (not surprising) and this is what Zak says:

They’re working one out [plans to deal with their ageing population]. I’ve been in business meetings. I’ve been in government meetings in China with high level government officials and then people from the private sector where this challenge looms. This issue of aging touches on so many aspects of the culture, economics and politics, so everyone is paying attention to it. I would expect that the greatest innovations probably in the field of longevity will have to come from China because if they don’t innovate in this space they will have major problems down the line.

I completely agree. For the last few years I have been telling anybody that will listen that innovations in the age-silo business will be driven from China.

Somehow I think we will be hearing a lot more from Dychtwald junior. Dick Stroud

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