Sunday, November 18, 2018

Is innovationitis contagious?

It is a bad sign when the ‘noise’ about a new idea is not matched by tangible results.

You know what I mean - ‘blockchain and tokens will devastate the financial services industry’. Really? No sign of it happening anytime soon. 

‘AI and robotics will cause XX% of people to lose their jobs’. Maybe, but are we talking next week, next month, next decade? 

The same thing about the way the ageing business has discovered ‘innovation’. No doubt the resolution and hard work of the people at Aging2 has done much to forward the concept but I have to say I have seen very little evidence that all the workshops, hacks, conferences, competitions and general collections of bright minds has resulted in much in the way of commercial success. More importantly, no signs (that I have seen) that any innovations have improved the lives of older people.

Cripes, even the UK is getting involved in the innovation world.

Please tell me I am wrong. Please send me lots of examples of how all this innovation stuff has resulted in successful commercial products. No doubt it has been good for the ageing industry - not doubt about that - but as far as contributing to the quality of life of older people? Dick Stroud

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