Monday, December 26, 2005

Focalyst – joint venture between AARP and The Kantar Group

This announcement is potentially great news for 50-plus marketing. You might want to skip the corporate blurb and go and look at the new Focalyst web site. Like all joint ventures the “devil is in the detail” of getting two very different business cultures to work together – I hope it goes well.
AARP Services, Inc. and The Kantar Group announced today the name of their joint venture dedicated to understanding Boomers and 50+ consumers. The new organization, called Focalyst, will serve as an information and insight resource to organizations that market to older Americans. Focalyst will provide data, analysis and advice to marketers, advertisers, and executives developing products for the fast-growing population of 50+ consumers.
The organization also announced its new president, marketing industry veteran Michael Irwin.

For more information about Focalyst, please visit the organization's new website at or contact the organization at 212-548-7270
Focalyst is the leading source of data, analysis and advice about Baby Boomers and 50+ consumers. As a joint venture between AARP Services, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of AARP, and The Kantar Group, one of the world's largest research and consultancy networks, Focalyst has a unique blend of experience and insight that will deliver actionable, forward-looking research on this dynamic generation. Each year, Focalyst will offer the most comprehensive consumer lifestyle study of more than 35,000 consumers aged 42+ within the US, along with expert analyst advice and interactive events to help clients across industries deeply understand Baby Boomers and 50+ consumers. Dick Stroud

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