Thursday, June 14, 2007

Carol’s Web – a great way to understand 50-plus friendly Web sites

It is easy enough to claim skills and knowledge about making Web sites 50-plus friendly. Unlike other companies, the guys at Immersion Active have developed some great tools to demonstrate their experience. You must have a look at Carol’s Web. It is the best way I have seen of visualising the basic issues of 50-plus friendliness.

I only have one problem with the Web site and it is a trivial one. I cannot stand Carol’s voice. A small gripe about such a great idea.

On the subject of Web sites. I recently read Jakob Nielsen's newsletter. Apparently, 10 years ago he wrote an article on the changes in Web usability from 1994 to 1997. He found that a few of his original findings were no longer valid a mere 3 years after they were issued. But most of the 1994 guidelines held true in 1997 -- and they're still correct today.

I totally agree. The same basic mistakes that people made with Web site design keep appearing.

It doesn’t matter that we are now using Web 2.0 technologies. A mistake is a mistake. If anything the more sophisticated the Web has become the more it has compounded the negative effect of these basic errors. Dick Stroud

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