Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Zimmers

For the past few weeks I have had a task on Outlook to “write something about the Zimmers”. I keep hitting the Snooze for 1 day option.

A number of friends, who know about my interest in the 50-plus market, have asked: “So what do you think about the Zimmers”. I have found it difficult to know what to say.

A video of their performance has been watched by well over 2,500,000 people on YouTube and about 100,000,000 people, in 50 countries, have seen clips of the band on television.

Most of the UK newspapers have covered the story in detail. Here is what the Times had to say about them. They have been the biggest ‘age thing’ this year. But still I am not sure what I think.

This might sound a bit ‘precious’ but I don’t find anything very edifying or entertaining in a group of old people impersonating The Who. I can see what it creates a buzz and might sell some music tracks but it is for novelty value.

I have great admiration for the 90 year old lead singer and I hope he got a lot of fun when filming and recording the track. But in my mind the sooner the media spotlight moves on the better. Dick Stroud

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