Sunday, July 15, 2007

Austerity Britain

It takes a lot to get a 700 page non-fiction book into the Amazon UK list of best sellers.

Austerity Britain, 1945-1951 by David Kynaston has done just that.

As one of the reviewers wrote: “This is an exemplary social history of Britain in the six years after World War 11, dazzling in its scope and impressive in its detail. It covers the impact of the War and its aftermath on most major aspects of British society: class, health, crime, sport, culture (high and low), work, play, leisure, politics, race, the mass media and much more”.

Methinks there are a load of post-war first wave baby boomers who have bought this book. The past comes rushing back as you read about your childhood world.

This is superb book for anybody who wants an insight into the things that molded today’s generation aged 56 - 62 years. Dick Stroud

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