Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Boomer Time Line.

This and the previous blog post are about the same thing – an insight into the past.

Austerity Britain does it with few pictures and 700 pages of text; The Boomer Time Line does it with no words and mass of imagery.

The timeline’s creator realized that the Boomers are the first generation to be shaped by a barrage of images. In an e-mail to me he said
Most generations of humanity were shaped by the events around them. News was the gathering of persons from the points on a compass. Opinions and thoughts on life were shaped by the written word or verbal recitations of events. Most of humanity was shaped in a time of no film, or TV, and marketing was limited to trading. The Boomer generation caught the first onslaught of images from mature mixed media.

That onslaught of images has shaped us all. Thus the Boomer time line of images is born.
The idea is that visitors can define what the pictures mean to them, Wikipedia style.

I can see a lot of applications for this project. I know its creators would like to hear from people with their ideas.

Forget the web site’s design (it is very much a beta site) and just focus on the amazing wealth of imagery that has been collected. Send your e-mails to Dick Stroud

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