Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The link between market segmentation and Web analytics

This post is not limited to the 50-plus market but it sure will have a lot of applications to this age group.

comScore’s Segment Metrix is tool that links web analytics to consumer segmentation.

It provides marketers with the ability to track, analyze and report Internet activity by their most important consumer groups. In the fullness of time it will (so comScore claims) integrate behaviourally defined segments, geo-demographic segments, and proprietary, client defined segments with the comScore online panel.

The first segmentation model that has been released (and which is probably the easiest to do) allows marketers to analyze online activity by heavy, medium and light users of the Internet and of any category of sites reported by comScore.

The full details of the model are explained in this press release.

comScore uses the Travel Industry to make the point about the importance of understanding the segmentation of online traffic. It is a great example.

One might assume that ‘heavy’ travel category visitors are so-called “road warriors,” or frequent business travellers. However, when the behaviour of this group on non-travel sites is studied it reveals they are also heavy users of shipping (FedEx, UPS and USPS), office supplies (Staples and Office Depot), and entertainment planning (Ticketmaster and Citysearch) sites. This implies this group is most likely administrative assistants to the “road warriors” than the “road warriors” themselves.

You might say that this is common sense but it I doubt if many companies have thought through the implications of this fact. It will be interesting to know when comScore launch a segmentation model that helps understand the 50-plus’s online behaviour. Dick Stroud

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