Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Redefining a product class to a new class of consumers

I bet you will never guess what these people have in common.

Every now and then you encounter a company that really tries and redefines how its class of product is seen in the market. If you are selling something that somebody would prefer not to buy – more importantly to own up to buying – then you might as well go for broke in the way you portray the product.

The product class of “Hearing aids” just doesn’t have an appealing ring to it, does it? How about Personal Communications Assistant (PGA) – much better.

I have already blogged about the Audéo PGA but having just visited the site I thought it was worth some more comment.

I think it is great. Not necessarily the web design, although that aint bad, but for the sheer – sorry but I can’t think of a better word – balls of the copy and imagery.

It starts with this great phrase: “hearing is inversely proportional to your life experience” and builds on this throughout the site. If you have lived life to the full you are probably a bit hard of hearing.

Yep, the three people in the image are all examples of Audeo customers. I really do wish this company well. Dick Stroud

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