Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Redesigned blog

The 50-Plus Marketing blog has had a facelift – well more like reconstructive surgery!

The design now fits with the my 20plus30 business Web site – there is more room for the postings – loads of functions and buttons – all of those archive files are consigned to a dropdown menu and you can access postings by their tags as well as search. All in all a huge improvement.

Many thanks to Kathleen, my Canadian Web designer.

If you notice any teething problems please let me know. Dick Stroud


Alex said...

I like the revamp. I also like the fact that we can now leave comments and become part of one big happy social network.

Chuck Nyren said...

Wow! Comments! I'll be sure to spam you regularly.

FH Boom - not Bloom.

mary13 said...

You are very welcome, Dick! You are always a pleasure to work with!

Anonymous said...

I am having a problem as RssReader does not recognise your xml to add it to the feed reader. Has anybody else had this problem?

Dick Stroud said...

Problems accessing the RSS Reader. It seems to be working fine - anybody else having this problem?

Janet Kiddle said...

I love the fact that we can now post a comment on articles on your blog, great move. I look forward to doing so.