Friday, July 13, 2007

The Retirement Show

This weekend in London there is a Retirement Show.

I have just had a look at the web site detailing the programme of events and seminars. The effect it had on me was - how shall we put it - not positive.

It starts with a demonstration of ballroom dancing, moves swiftly on to Tai Chi, followed by a shot of Jazz, then a senior fashion show building to a grand finale of senior bodybuilding. Why does the thought of attending something like this fill me with horror?

Bizarrely I am interested in some of these activities (not the bodybuilding I hasten to say) but not when they are presented as such a programme of events.

As a child I remember the horror of having to attend an event, read something, meet people or some other activity that adults thought somebody of my age would like. This event creates exactly the same emotion.

I am sure there are countless Brits who are counting the minutes until the doors open at the Retirement Show. I won’t be one of them. I would be interested to hear other people’s views. Dick Stroud


Anonymous said...

I don't need ideas about what to do with my spare time (whatever that is?) If I have a hobby, I've either got it sorted or it is likely to remain in the "one day ..." pile.

Finally, I don't need to pay ten quid admission to be sold at by Specsavers or M&S (and somehow the "eight-month-long free registration period {ended on 11th} and intensive media campaign" quoted on their web site passed me by.

That dust? It's me.

Robert McCaffrey said...

Hello, it's the show organiser here, Robert McCaffrey. I just thought you might like to see some of the comments that we have had from people that came to the show....

Good to have plenty of places to sit: we enjoyed it all. We come with money to spend!! (Vicky B., Norbury)

Excellent show, not so big you could miss anything. (Pam L., Basingstoke)

Everyone was very friendly. You seemed to have provided a good selection of organisations and firms. Well done. (Jackie G, East Sheen)

It was very enjoyable and I got lots of useful information to read. Thank you. (Rosemary B., Bounds Green)

A very enjoyable day out. (Mrs P. S. F., Sevenoaks)

On the whole, it was excellent. Plenty of seating much appreciated. (Mrs J. K., Edgware)

The guide book [was] very useful and informative. Lots of places to sit down. (Mrs J.H., South Woodford)

A very good day. My favourite part? The whole show. (Mr John L., London NW2)

Found most [to be] of interest. Well set out with a number of interesting stands. (J.A.M., Orpington)

[My favourite part was] watching the various dancing and fashion shows [and] also the gardening question time. Well-attended show and well worth coming to see. (Clive P. Croydon)

All the people on the stalls were very friendly and kind. (Mrs J.A., Forest Hill)

We loved it!!! (Doreen R., New Malden)

I found everything [to be] very informative and enjoyable. (Mrs C. H., Uckfield)