Friday, July 13, 2007

50-plus holidays in Spain

We all know that travel combined with a tad of culture/education/skills training is popular with some of the 50-plus.

I noticed this new venture providing holidays, primarily in Spain, but also in Italy, Holland and Belgium.

The blurb from the press release says:
Plusabroad is run by a Madrid-based, mixed team of Spanish and American professionals in marketing, business administration, informational technology and communications. It is a provider of educational travel in Europe where "edutainment" and low-impact adventure edu-travel are the key words.
Some of the holidays look really interesting, but I started wondering if I would prefer to be on a holiday with a load of other 50-plus or in a mixed age group. I plumped for the multi-age option.

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that this will be the preference for most people. I am sure somebody will tell me that I am wrong. Anyway, I wish well. Dick Stroud

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soumi28 said...

Actually your comment here about 50 plus preference for travelling with a mixed group is quite valid...this was a thought raised by slaymany in that age bracket during the research I had done...