Friday, July 13, 2007

You should add the Boomer Project blog to your RSS feeds

Matt Thornhill & John Martin, who run the Boomer Project talk a lot of sense about the 50-plus. They are now publishing a blog that I suggest you add to your RSS feeds.

I hope they don’t mind but I am copying one of their entries.
We got a call from a reporter in Las Vegas doing a piece on marketing "traditional" products for older consumers to Boomers. He was amused by Metamucil's new TV spot that somehow manages not to mention that the primary use is for regularity problems. Instead, the spot is all about "beautifying your insides" and features talent age 35 and under.

The reporter wanted to know if all marketers targeting older Boomers would have to "disguise" their traditional benefit in order to connect with Boomers. Our response in a word: "probably."
Dick Stroud

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Chuck Nyren said...

Looks to me like P&G is positioning this as a health/beauty product instead of a medical product - and are disassociating it from older people.

I think they're trying NOT to target Boomers (they already have that demo) - but a younger demo.

Metamucil is harmless, but sort of habit-forming.