Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Austria tourism and the 50-plus

Austria is a funny place. It’s a country that is on your radar if you like skiing and mountain climbing but I can’t think of too many other reasons to go there – maybe if you are a devotee of William Tell? Having said that, Vienna is a nice, oldie worldie sort of place.

It appears that 'oldie' is the operative word when it comes to Austria. This article explains that the average age of a summer tourist in Austria is 50-plus (55% of tourists). Only 8% are younger than 30 years old.

The advice being given to Austrian tour companies is that 'wellness' oriented type holidays might still be OK but mountaineering and biking holidays are increasing in importance.

I wonder if we don’t over-play this idea of the ‘active 50-plus’? It is the sort of statement that I know gets a lot of nods when I present at conferences but it must be balanced against the other, much more obvious, trend to obesity and lethargy. Maybe the 50-plus’s waist size will become a new form of market segmentation? Dick Stroud

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