Friday, August 17, 2007

SAGAzone a place to hangout?

Mmmmm not sure. SAGAzone is like all social networking areas it depends what type of person you are and what you want from an electronic dialogue.

For any readers who do not about SAGA – it is the UK’s first and by far largest company that is dedicated to all things 50-plus (finance, travel, etc). It is valued somewhere around £2 billion. Now whether that is a sensible valuation is another question, but that can wait for another day.

The site is competent. Everything seems to work but compared to it is at first base.

Some facts. Using the onsite search facilitity it looks as if there are 11,700 signed-up members. It is not clear when the thing started but it looks like it was sometime in March 2007.

Because I am a nice guy I will save you the hassle of working out how they divide by age and gender. I know there is a difference between the total numbers. I guess that is due to people withholding their age or a flaw in the Saga system.

Two things surprise me about this analysis. Firstly, the number of men – I would have expected the users to be primarily women. Second, the youthfulness of users – I would have expected it to have trended older.

What are these 11,700 people talking about? Have a look at the analysis. Again I am surprised. ‘Relationships’ is way down the list and things like Gardening, Health, Money and Technology are ziltch. Chat and Soap Box are the big traffic generators.

I am not sure what to make of all of this. All bright ideas welcomed. Dick Stroud

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