Thursday, August 02, 2007

Savings company believes we should save more - Wow

According to ‘research’ (GFK NOP), the median sum of savings and investments accumulated by people in the UK aged 50 years old is £7,179. That is a scary number, a very scary number.

On the back of this data the head of savings at Abbey, said: "Although the over 50s have been one of the most successful generations, many people need to save more to achieve a good retirement"?

So what did Abbey do to help out: "We launched our 50+ Saver account to reward those over 50 who want to save more."

It is great to know that the UK has such concerned financial services companies.

The serious point to this item is the huge disparity in savings (as distinct to property) wealth amongst the UK’s 50-plus. Dick Stroud

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