Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second careers for the 50-plus

One of the themes I am always banging on about is the explosion of new businesses as the 50-plus ditch their corporate garb, have a ceremonial incineration of their neckties and take a pledge never to attend another brain numbing business meeting.

This wasn’t one of the ventures I had considered. This is what they say about themselves.
Just a group of today's middle class, baby-boomer professionals - a corporate CEO, a bank officer, a movie sound engineer, a doctor, a music teacher and a producer of advertising jingles.

What do they have in common?

30 years ago they were the young stars that played with your favourite bands, made the music at your school dance, went on tour with the biggest groups, recorded the records you bought and helped make Rock and Roll what it is today. They're back......and they are better then ever! The legends of Rock
I am not sure whether to wince of congratulate these guys. The serious point is that during the next few years there will be a surge in new businesses started by the 50-plus which in itself is a business opportunity. Dick Stroud

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