Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eons.com makes a splash

Eons.com has issued a press release to mark its first birthday. And a very interesting press release it is. Well worth reading.

A couple of the interesting bits of information
According to Web analytics company Compete, if compared to the top 50 most-trafficked Web sites by 50-plus people, eons.com would rank No. 3 in the amount of time these people spend on the site in a single visit.
I had missed the partnership that eons had forged with Compete, which is also worth reading about. My question is: “who is ranked first and second”. My guess is AARP would be one of the sites but who is the other? All suggestions welcome.

The other item is about the most popular communities on the eon's web site.
The most popular Eons communities, each with thousands of active members, draw a clear picture of the sort of discussions and relationships boomers want online, including 50+ Singles; Hippies for Life; Six Degrees of Separation (Make New Friends); and Bookoholics.
So for all you budding 50-plus social networking entrepreneurs, this is what turns on the oldies- looks to me like sex, nostalgia plus a bit of culture.

The other thing that is interesting is that eons.com has changed its web site. Instead of going to the home page it has introduced a ‘splash’ type screen (see above). My bet is that the feedback eons was getting about its web site is that people didn’t know where to start when they arrived at the home page. I think it works. Any views to the contrary? Dick Stroud


thesavvyboomer said...

I don't like sites where I feelpressured to sign up immediately. that's the perception I have on Eons now.

Chuck Nyren said...

If we're talking about sites specifically for 50+ - my guess is that #2 is thirdage.com.

Don't believe everything you read in press releases. This is coming from someone who has written hundreds of them ...

Pam said...

Could #2 be eHarmony :) Or is it Facebook, that's changed demographics a lot now.

Or it could be Yahoo or Google?

NBRIGGS said...

as usual, eons is trailing egenerations with it's approaches & features. sure wish i had some of their $32MM dollars!