Sunday, August 12, 2007

A sure way of making a million

Eons survey of Boomer fitness comes to an unsurprising age-neutral conclusion about Boomer male fitness. The main area for ‘attention’, for Boomer guys, is their stomach. I don’t normally use photos of the family but I thought I would demonstrate that the Stroud household dosen't fall into this category (joke).

So all aspiring Boomer entrepreneurs. Forget all of this nonsense about making your fortune out of social networking or anti-ageing cream. Come up with a sure fired way of giving the older guy a six-pack stomach and you will make a fortune. Dick Stroud

1 comment:

Matt Thornhill & John Martin said...


Good comment, but look closely at the photo you selected. I believe that is a woman's "six pack" abs.

Me, I'm a Boomers working on a making my abs look like a "keg."