Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cognitive dissonance lives - OK

MediaPost’s Marketing Daily has an article based on Focalyst’s recent press release that identifies the double speak of Boomers who on one had say people should age naturally yet spend buckets loads of money on anti-ageing potions.

Come on guys. Why should this age group be any different to any other when it comes to sending out misleading marketing messages?

To be serious for a moment – I have a couple of problems with this sort of conclusion. Firstly, the age-range of the sample (42-87). Secondly, the results are not broken down into lifestyle segments.

I am sure (hope) Focalyst have all of this information but wish they would make a bit more of it available in their press release. It is rather like making a marketing statement about people aged 12-57 years old. It wouldn’t have much marketing credibility would it – well would it? Dick Stroud

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