Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Techy 50-plus

This Reuter’s article is an interesting reflection on the 50-plus and their tech literacy.

If you are interested in jazz and blues music then the recording company Blue Note might mean something to you. I means nothing to me.

It appears that by the end of August the label will have revamped its Web site to become a social network and digital music store for fans of jazz and blues, rather than its current format - a simple promotional site.

The core age demographic of its customers is 35-54. Not a group that most marketers associate with digital downloading and social networking.

According to the Ipsos TEMPO survey, adults beyond the age of 34 make up about 40% of all paid-for downloaders -- twice the proportion that teens account for. They also download more songs than average: nine per month compared with the average five across all generations.

The generation gap is similar for music subscription services, where 35- to 54-year-olds represent 45% of those who exclusively use paid streaming or subscription-based music services. Interesting. Dick Stroud

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