Thursday, August 23, 2007

The UK Communications Marketing (Part 2)

Here are a couple of more graphs from the Ofcom study.

Two things stand out.

From 25-64 the penetration of Internet users is pretty much constant and then dives after 65. This we know. What is really interesting is to see the number of hours spent online. The highest figure is for the active Internet user over-65. So what we have got is a small but very active band of 65-plus Internet users.

This brings us onto the second point about the gender of older users. Look at the big jump that occurs around 60 in the percentage of men. Now this has some interesting implications for marketers. Dick Stroud


efroach said...

how can it be that elder are more online than people in working age. all white collar workers are at least 8 hours online every day. does this stats only refer to time spent for leisure reasons?

Dick Stroud said...

Best you ask Nielsen. Don't forget that this is only 16% of the age group. What percentage of 18-24 year olds are considered to be white collar workers? Also, it is a big assumption that white collar workers are online all day - they might be connected but not necessarily using the Web. Dick Stroud