Monday, September 10, 2007

Additional comments about Wanobe

Wanobe (see the previous blog post) uses the open-source content management system called Joomla. Many thanks to Rick Hartley for pointing this out.

Why should you be interested in this fact. Well Joomla provides the basic functionality around which a social networking framework can be constructed - for free.

On top of this framework it is possible to add interesting functionality like:
Dynamic form builders
E-commerce and shopping cart engines
Forums and chat software
Blogging software
Directory services
Email newsletters
Data collection and reporting tools
The list goes on and on.

So all of you 50-plus marketers who are looking to move into the social networking world. You have a real live example of somebody who is using open source content. As I said before, the real test is if you can create/source enough relevant content to populate the site. Dick Stroud

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