Monday, September 10, 2007

Wanobe – yet another social networking site

Another social networking site has hit the streets. This one is of UK origin but has aspirations for a much wider geographic audience. In the words of the site
A MySpace-type website has been launched catering exclusively to the needs of Britain’s babyboomers – those aged 50 and over – who have money to spend and are not interested in growing old gracefully. caters for a 50-plus audience whose interests range from Viagra to plastic surgery to Vespas by way of the occasional Porsche.

The website will enable visitors to find and comment on restaurants, airlines and travel, hotels, films and the theatre, match-make and date, store personal information on secure online servers, and network online. Visitors will also be able to get information on relevant health and technology issues, for example.

Geared to generate loyalty, offers evolving content and, importantly, a zestful, dynamic design that avoids “mature” stereotyping.
It will be interesting to see how this site fares. The navigation bar suggests that the site promises to provide a lot of content. I wish them good luck and will return in a few weeks time to see how things have progressed. So far there is no action in forums, as you would expect. That is going to be the difficult bit. Dick Stroud

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