Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mr Zoomer – Moses Znaimer

According to Digital Journal, Moses Znaimer is becoming Canada’s "Mr 50-plus media”.

Here are some of his acquisitions
Classical 96.3 (a radio station he bought in August 2006)
AM 740 (acquired in Sept 2007)
CARP magazine (the 50-plus publication with a circulation of 200,000 copies)

The guy has an amusing take on life as shown by the above image. Under the lightheartedness I am sure there is a sound commercial mind that has seen an opportunity to cheaply acquire a position in what he sees as 50-plus media.

The big question is whether the 50-plus in Canada also see these acquisitions as their media. Anybody from Canada with a take on this development? Dick Stroud.

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info said...

I wonder what Zophia would think about this zippy new name for seniors? Zoomers! She is barely used to the idea of Junior Seniors.

Check out what she told the pharmacy clerk last week when she picked up some party favours for her housemate’s 80th birthday.

“And what sort of seniors’ discount do you offer?” She figured the older you got the better discounts you should get, now that the word senior was applied to just about anyone with high blood pressure. “There’s no such thing as a Junior Senior. Why should fifty-year-olds get a senior’s discount just because some forty-nine-year-old marketing executive wants a cut?” Junior Seniors! From sixty to sixty-nine, she could have been a bonafide Senior and not have known it, and at seventy, a Senior Senior. What would they call Violet at eighty? Were ninety-year-olds More-Dead-Than-Alive-Seniors? And what of the 100-year-olds? Taking her grocery bag from the clerk, Zophia warned, “Just wait till I’m a hundred and I’m a card-carrying God-Must-Have-Forgotten-Me Senior. By then this stuff oughta be free!”
Kathleen Molloy, author – Dining with Death
La Mort au menu