Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beware eco-overkill

My chums at Millennium have researched the attitudes of the over-50s towards “green issues”.

Here is an extract of the results.

The over 50s, whilst concerned about the state of the environment, are suspicious of the government’s plans to implement green taxes.

84% believed that the government is capitalising on current concerns to implement further ‘green taxes’.

Fiona Hought, Managing Director, Millennium, said: “Our research clearly shows the diversity of opinion among the over 50s with regards the environment, but also the overriding sense of cynicism with which they approach those attempting to jump on the ‘eco-friendly’ bandwagon.

“People are concerned about the state of the environment and many are prepared to engage in activities which benefit the environment, such as the 95% who recycle regularly”.

So all of you companies falling over themselves to thrust your green credentials into the face of consumers, beware. You might be associated with the same intentions as our beloved Government of “cashing in”. Maybe, just maybe you are? Dick Stroud

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