Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Social networking fever

Having said I am bored with social networking I find myself blogging about the subject again. It seems that every group, subgroup and celebrity wants to get in on the act.

OK, you "get up and go" older ladies you now have somewhere to 'go', or so the press release says.
Vibrant Nation, a new online place that celebrates the ability of women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond to do anything. Based on the idea that women already have the best answers for each other's questions, Vibrant Nation is like a social gathering where women connect each other to the best resources that work for them. By gathering their voices on www.vibrantnation.com, these women also can help marketers understand their real interests and needs.
The same day another press release arrives saying that
Kylie Minogue is taking on MySpace and Facebook by launching her own social networking site. KylieKonnect allows fans to create personal profiles, upload images and blogs, and chat with other fans via mobile or web browsers.
As predicted, social networking functionality is becoming another bit of functionality that is added to the web designer’s checklist. Dick Stroud

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Diane said...

A site that is by women for women and has really taken off is Bikinisandbifocals.com check it out, it is great, covers what women over 40, 50 etc want to see, or know