Thursday, January 24, 2008

The continuing tale of Eons

Back in September I wrote about the exit of’s head of technology along with a third of the company's staff. Well it has taken a while but it has filled the CTO vacancy.

I was interested about the guy’s statement about the future technology direction of the company.
“One of the things that was very critical back in September was recognizing that what the customers really wanted was this online community, the social networking aspect, so we’ve been working very hard to focus all of our efforts and resources into that area” - with 700,000 users, we’re at a very good starting point.”
By nature I am a suspicious sort of bloke. I wonder if the decision to focus on the social networking aspects of the business has more to do with the lack of success of the other revenue generating streams (like travel) and the fact that the content is for free. Time will tell.

Here is a question for you. If has 700,000 users since it started business –what percentage of them do you reckon visited the site within the last 4 weeks? My best guess is no more than 15% and probably no less than 5%. If somebody knows the answer or has another view then let me know. Dick Stroud


Anonymous said...

comScore's December 2007 data shows approx. 35,000 unique visitors so bang on 5%!

Prior to that it averaged around 20,000 UVs per month (Apr-Sep) with a spike to approx. 50,000 UVs in October (swiftly followed by a drop to 25,000 in November).

Chuck Nyren said...

Eons. Now they're letting riff-raff join:

That's a joke. Some of my best friends are under fifty ...

The point is this: if we stay on topic with our blogs - we don't have Eons to kick around anymore.