Thursday, January 24, 2008

Volunteer - what me?

nfpSynergy is a UK research consultancy for not for profit organisations (e.g. charities, housing associations and public bodies).

It publishes some interesting reports and research. I was particularly interested in its latest research about volunteering. (Who volunteers? Volunteering trends: 2000-2007).It is free registration.

The above chart provides the results (by age) to the question: “Have you given time as a volunteer in the last three months, to a charity or other organisation, or in your local community?”

How interesting that 54-64 year olds is the only demographic group where volunteering has decreased. This helps explain the problems I had, when working with a volunteering organisation, to drum up enthusiasm with this age group. Methinks this is a cohort effect that is going to continue as this group ages. I wonder why this is happening?

Maybe it's a generational factor? Many of this group rejected all of the traditional types of structures and still do? Obviously, it will differ by lifestyle.

Beware anybody who thinks they are going to harness a well of goodwill towards volunteering from this bunch. Dick Stroud

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