Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The entrepreneurial over-50s

The BBC recently had some stuff about how older people are setting up their businesses. It always amuses me reading and listening to the tone of the BBC since there is always a hint of surprise and amazement that older might possibly be doing such things. A fact I have repeated many times in this blog, and will so again: only 5% of BBC employees are 55+.

Anyway, enough of this moaning. What this article says - like the one I recently contributed to in Business Week - is that a lot of older people are setting up their own businesses. This is a mega business opportunity – is anybody listening.

Something else you should consider is their gender. As stated in the BBC article
Although older women start fewer businesses than men, women are twice as likely as their male counterparts to set up businesses following big life changes such as ill-health, divorce or moving house.
I bet my boots that the majority of people starting up businesses in the 50-plus category are women. Dick Stroud

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wanobe said...

Right on!
I liked the last comment; 'even the big names started out small'. Not to mention Col. Saunders who started KFC in his late 50s, and slept in his car for almost two years as I understand as he touted his brand around.
As you know, Dick, I am 61 and I started just six months ago as an online social COMMUNITY rather than network for mature folk who could not find a home on Facebook or Myspace or Bebo.
Wow, it's harder work than I imagined growing an online biz, but we are getting there, moving up our Google and Alexa ratings, our page views and comment.
We also offer folks the chance to advertise their skills on free of charge. Why? I'd like to say it is because we are nice people, but the reality is that we need to build presence for our brand and for our users.
Anyway, I like your comments ... and we are still hanging in there, Dick.
All the best, Dave (CEO and founer,