Friday, January 18, 2008

Importance of over-50s to the employment market

Here is a disturbing Factlet.
The Office for National Statistics said the over-50s accounted for more than half the rise in employment seen in the three months to November - a period that coincided with turmoil on the financial markets. Officials said the economy created 175,000 new jobs over the quarter - of which more than 90,000 were filled by those over 50.
I can see the UK reaching a point where large parts of the economy are primarily staffed with Eastern Europeans and the 50-plus. Whilst this is happening the numbers of NEETS (young people not in education or employment) continues to rise.

There are lots of social, political, economic and marketing issues that result from these facts. I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. Dick Stroud

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lj said...

I want to invite comment about what the real opportunities are for people over the age of 50 in employment.