Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rip van Winkle awakes!!

Deloitte Touche published an annual report giving its predictions about Technology, Media and Telecommunications. This year one of its predictions is titled: “Gray is good”. How do they come up with these names?

The report doesn’t say anything that readers of this blog will not already know, but it is interesting to see that a large consultancy has finally woken up to the potential of adapting and selling technology to older people.

This article from Canada is also worth reading about the persistent youth-centric nature of the mobile phone industry. Dick Stroud


Martijn de Haas said...

It's a virus. They published something similar in Holland in February and even made national business radio with it.
Recently the Dutch Rabobank has also released a report with trends in the industries: tourism, contracting, servicing, and healthcare. The name of the report is "Entrepreneurship in a silver society."

It even tells marketeers that they should focus more on the older consumers as they have more money than the younger ones. It's really a nice read and filled with facts and figures.

Could this be the turning point in marketing history or will it be read and buried by the opposition?

Chuck Nyren said...

Actually, they haven't been sleeping - or in a coma like some others.

Way back in 1996 I blogged about some DT stuff:

Although the embedded links in the above don't work anymore.