Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fire the PR agency they have been too successful

Sex in the City – the film – has hit the UK. You cannot pick-up a paper, turn on the radio, switch on the TV without one or all of the programme stars doing an interview, walking arm in arm down the street or in some other way promoting the film. Don’t get me wrong I can think of a lot of other people I would prefer not to be hogging the communications channels.

I suspect the promotional campaign has gone way past that point of optimum impact and is now into the danger zone between boredom and annoyance.
The reason for this story is that of course Saga Magazine has Kim Cattrall on the front cover plus pages of film coverage.

As I was looking to see what insights Kim had on the plight of the world’s starving I had my usual quick flick through the magazine. I was stuck by how tired it was looking and how bereft of Class 1 brand advertising it has become. OK, there is a Dove pro.age ad but it is followed in a couple of pages by one for a cat’s charity.

I get the feeling that the magazine is moving imperceptibly towards the cat’s charity end of the spectrum rather than the pro.age.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe it was a bad month for advertising; maybe it is the result of rejecting all advertising from competitors to Saga. Any Saga staff reading this and want to explain what is happening? Dick Stroud

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