Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sexism, racism, class and ageism (maybe)

Danah Boyd is one smart lady who combines real insight with a superb writing style. If you want to really understand what is going on in the social networking space then she is the person to follow. Have a look at Futurelab where you can see a lot of her postings and a few of mine.

Her latest posting on her own blog is brilliant. It really sums up what I am sure a lot of people think about the US Presidential campaign. It has descended into a rather tacky amateur dramatic performance of the battle between the evils of sexism, racism with a smidgen of class.

The one ism that is talked about is ageism. I have already written on this subject, in the context of John McCain. Danah exactly captures my opinion when she says: “I don't have a lot of patience when people suggest that one intolerance is better or worse than the other”.

Let us hope that the Democrats take her words to heart when they are creating their creative for the fight-off with the Republicans. Dick Stroud

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