Friday, May 02, 2008

Not Madonna again!

This is the cover of Marketing Week, here is the article. I am not sure how long this link will remain active so if you want to read it, do it soon. On the other hand it ain’t going to tell you very much new.

There is some stuff about the new tgi50 venture. It’s always a bit worrying when you read that the: “funding for the venture is yet to be finalised and its launch could be six months away”. Mmmm.

There are a few not overly helpful quotes:
This new generation is shocked to find they are hitting their 50s – they have been brought up to believe they were the cool young generation of the Seventies. Mmmm

As people get older, they become more discerning and thoughtful in their purchases. They’ve started to understand what to buy and what not to buy. Mmmm
I would have thought Marketing Week could do a bit better than this for its cover story. Even Madonna deserves more than this. Dick Stroud

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