Sunday, May 04, 2008

YouGov launches a Boomer Tracker

Why? Why and thrice why?

Why launch a consumer research tracker about an age cohort (someone born between 1946-1964) that is based on the rise of and fall of the US birthrate but that has little in common with the UK’s demographic profile. See above.

Anyway, if you are interested in research about an age cohort, that has no particular relevance to the UK, you can get it from YouGov. It will cover:
Marketing and Communications
Technology and Health
Financial Services and Retail
Media and Leisure
For those with deep pockets you can buy client specific questions. YouGov always strikes me as a really on-the-ball company. I cannot understand how it the fell into the Baby Boomer trap. I suppose that since most of its clients are equally unaware of the irrelevance of the Baby Boomer cohort, the service will probably sell well. Dick Stroud

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