Sunday, June 08, 2008

Anti ageing ads

As mentioned yesterday, I have had a look at a couple of other manufacturer’s anti-ageing ads. Both are taken from the current issue of Vogue that is all about Ageless Style – well worth buying.

Let me state my mega-caveats before I start. I am not a woman, I know nothing about cosmetics and creating ads is not my business. OK.

I think they are dreadful. They remind me of the types of ads that the poor hapless saps in “The Apprentice” would create during one of their tasks. Come on, I mean, who could come up with the line: “Before you consider a face lift, consider the power of Re-Nutriv”. What about the line: "NEW cellular-nurturing moisturiser Pro-Xylane, Hyaluronic Acid & SPF 15”.

Clearly these ads work. I just don’t know how. Dick Stroud

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