Monday, June 23, 2008

Inspirational nuts

There is an extradinary article in Brandweek about a new snack food that has been launched by Frito-Lay call True North that is aimed at boomers.

Frito-Lay thinks it can be 'inspirational' and is positioning its new nut-based, Boomer-targeted snack line, True North as "a truly inspired natural nut snack." The marketing director of True North said: "We're defining it as a purpose in life or a calling," she said of the brand's name. "Our calling was to bring inspiration to the nut category."

Cripes. ‘Inspiration’ from a bag of nuts that will bring passion in life and lead to extraordinary things. Have any of my American friends crunched their way through a packet of True North and feel inspired to tell us about the experience? Dick Stroud

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Dick Stroud said...

Have a look at Chuck Nyren's post about this nutty idea (sorry)