Monday, June 23, 2008

Words that don't travel well

Certain words don’t jump the Atlantic too well.

AARP and are sponsoring the inaugural Festival of the Wise. This is what the web site says it is all about. This is the press release.
The inaugural “Festival of the Wise” is being created for active baby boomers who have a passion for living well. It will offer an exciting weekend of music, art, food and wine, lifestyle seminars, workshops, and product showcases that will enrich the quality of life.

It caters to the interests of the fastest growing population segment, the energetic and curious over-50 community that has a passion for enjoying life and is ready to explore new horizons.
Coming up with this names proves yet again that as Brit you cannot judge/advise upon the vocabulary of another nation. There is no way in a million years that you would use this name in the UK.

I wish the organisers well. Comments from any ‘wise’ Americans welcome. Dick Stroud

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