Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Medical Advice and social networking

“A new website seeks to bring the power of social networking to health support groups.”

This was the tag line of the article in Technology Review.

Trusera is a new social-networking Web site that is all about health. The site: “features online communities and personalized health information, allows members to endorse one another's contributions, as a way to identify reliable sources of information.”

Well guys as much as I think this is the way social networking will develop (i.e. niche interest) and as much as I think this focus is relevant to the 50-plus (because all of effects of physiological ageing) I am to be convinced this site is the way to do things.

Unless I can “get it” about a site within 30-60 secs (a long time by some people’s standards) I am likely to give up. I gave up. I will give it a month or two to build content and have another look. Dick Stroud

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